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How to toilet train your puppy?

Surely every puppy owner asked this question. We have prepared several options for solving this problem. On this website you will find more helpful articles on dog care, health and education. Don’t want your dog doing his business all over your yard and would rather keep it confined to one area? Find the best decision for you and your pet. 

When you first bring your puppy home you should try to set alarms in order to wake up and take them outside or to use their indoor doggy toilet. To make an effort to take your puppy to toilet twice or three times throughout the night until you are confident that they can hold on until the morning. Most puppies will learn what’s going on very quickly and they’ll wake you up with whining when they need to go!


Toilet training is easier if you follow the regime. Track a few days when the puppy goes to the bathroom after a meal. And then everything is simple. You need to take the baby out immediately after waking up, after a certain time after eating (you notice when exactly with your dog), after active games and before bedtime. 


It is very important to praise your puppy when he relieves himself in the “right” place. Treat him with a treat and praise him with emotion and positive tone. If you find your puppy relieving himself in the house, scare the dog away with negative intonation or harsh noises, such as clap your hands or stamp your foot. And immediately go outside with the puppy. And remember, there is no point in punishing a dog if you didn't catch it at the scene of the crime.

3. Teaching the puppy to endure

Already a little older puppy can be taught to endure, which is a necessity, otherwise the dog will have the habit of asking to go to the toilet almost every hour. For this it is worth purchasing a home box. The box should not be small for the dog to feel comfortable, but not too big, so that the dog does not have the opportunity to move away from its sleeping place, where it could relieve itself. This box should be the size of the dog's sleeping place.

4.Special sprays

Now in pet stores there is a huge selection of special sprays that both scare away with the smell from relieving in the wrong places, and vice versa, teach you to relieve yourself in the “right” places. 

Accidents will happen along the way but if dealt with correctly they won’t set back your puppy’s training. The number one thing to remember isthat positive reinforcement is the only way you should train your puppy and punishing them for having accidents will only make toilet training harder.

Instead of punishing your pup you should ‘punish’ yourself for not paying close enough attention.

With love to your dogs!