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House Training a Puppy

CVH 13 You’ve just bought the cutest bundle of fur in the world. You’ve put so much time in choosing a name, buying pet products, and now your new family member is finally here! You should put just as much time and effort in the training process as you did everything else, otherwise you may become frustrated with your new friend quicker than you thought possible.

Start training your puppy the day he/she comes home with you. Choose a little room in your house to dedicate to you new puppy. This is where the majority of the training will take place. In this room your puppy will learn where it is okay to eliminate and what kind of play is acceptable. Begin by layering newspapers in the floor. Then choose a corner for the bed and another for the food and water dishes. Stay with your puppy in this room and give him all kinds of love. Remember your puppy just left his family behind and he’s probably feeling anxious.

Don’t rush to your puppy’s side the minute they start to cry or whine. They have to learn how to be alone, especially if there will be no one in the house with them during the day while your at work. Likewise, if your puppy is showing signs of being tired leave your puppy alone to sleep. Don’t overwhelm the puppy with your presence or they’l feel anxious when you’re not around and increase the likeliness of accidents.

Find a vet that you trust quickly and get your puppy’s vaccinations done as soon as you can. Puppies shouldn’t be let outside who haven’t had all their vaccinations. And once they’ve been vaccinated you can begin training your dog outside too. Choose a spot in your backyard where you want your puppy to go. Consistently take your dig there and praise him with a treat for eliminating in that spot every time. Be sure that you’re taking him/her out on a regular basis so there are no accidents and no anxiety about having to hold the pee.

Now if you’re going to bring your new puppy to sleep in your room prepare for him to soil your bed. Young puppies do not have control over their bladders yet. Older puppies have more control, but might still have an accident. So if you don’t want to be woken to a mess, leave your puppy to sleep in his crate or bed for the night in his room.

Teach your puppy how to play. Introduce him/her to the toys you bought and verbally praise him/her for chewing those toys. And just as you wouldn’t let a toddler or baby alone in a room of your house, don’t leave your puppy alone either. If they’re left alone they’re possibly going to chew something you don’t want chewed. Be there with your puppy, ready with some of his toys. If he/she starts chewing something say “Off!” with authority and then give them their chew toy. Ensuring to praise them for chewing the toy.

When your puppy is ready to go outside make sure that you lead the way, not the other way around. This will establish dominance with the puppy and they won’t pull you down the street as you try to walk them. Also take walks that your puppy can handle. Don’t try to force them to walk long distances at first, you can burn your puppy out with too much walking. But do walk your puppy daily.

Never train your dog using negative reinforcement. This will only teach your dog to fear you. Remember that your puppy is still a baby and needs your patience. Remain calm and know that your puppy will learn fast and before the month is out he/she will know where to go to the bathroom, sleep and eat. Enjoy your puppy because he/she won’t remain one forever.

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