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Have you thought about buying a snake for a pet? We have some tips for you to read before you go and take the next step. There are many species available for sale, but you need to know which are best for first time owners. You also need to know where to buy your pet snake. You can talk to other snake owners and find out where’s the best place to buy, and there are reptile shows that feature breeders who you can talk to and buy snakes from.

Corn Snake The best snakes for first time snake owners are ones that are hardy and docile, like the corn snake, ball python, king and milk snakes. These snakes are readily available at pet stores, easy to breed and are great for first time snake owners. These snakes can cost as low as $10 but can increase due to color variations or more. This price does not include the equipment you will need to house the snake.

You need a cage with a lid that cannot be opened from the inside and has temperature controls. Some snakes need more warmth because they are from hot climates, where others can deal with moderate temperatures. Snakes are escape artists and love to squeeze through holes, so make sure where ever you’re housing your snake that they cannot escape easily, and if they do get out of their cage, you can find them without too much trouble.

Another thing to consider is feeding your snake. Some snakes are okay eating frozen food, but some snakes might be used to live feedings, so definitely find out what your potential snake is used to eating and decide if you’re okay feeding your snake live bait, or storing frozen mice in your freezer.

Ball Python Another thing to consider is the size of the snake. The snakes that are listed above will not grow to be more than 8 feet long, some species will grow to be much longer. You will also want to consider the breed if you have children in the house. Kids under 5 years old are not great snake owners because snakes demand a certain amount of understanding and care.

Be wary of buying a wild snake, these are more likely to be aggressive, bad eaters, and carry diseases. You will notice if the snake has parasites because the scales will appear enflamed and sore around the edges in groupings. Snakes that have been captured from the wild are more likely to die than a captive bred species too.

Also know your limits, do not buy an anaconda, reticulated pythons, or venomous snake. These snakes need an experienced snake handler to minimize accidents. It’s always a good idea to talk with a snake handler or owner before purchasing so you can get an idea of what owning a snake is like. If you’re too timid to hold and interact with snakes, then you should think twice about owning one. Snakes need interaction with their owner in order to bond and establish a relationship.

Milk Snake Watching videos on snakes is another good way to gauge your preparedness for snake ownership. Here’s a great video by Snake Buddies. As with any animal, know what it takes to properly care for an animal, there are many snakes for sale on Craig’s List because the owners were not ready for the responsibility or the dedication that snake ownership comes with. Do some research and act on knowledge, not on impulse.

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