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My Dog has to Pee and it’s Raining!

ID-10076706We have been getting so much rain in Central Florida this year. I don’t know about you, but my dog always has to go to the bathroom when it is pouring down rain! Dogs are great pets, but no one enjoys the smell of a wet dog. I wish I had a cure all solution, but at least I have a few tips.

The easiest solution is to get out your umbrella to cover you and your dog from the incoming rain. You can also use bushes or buildings to try and block as much rain as possible. You could purchase a doggie raincoat or if you have a larger dog, a baby horse blanket would probably fit better. But, your dog will still get wet from the rain that has already fallen. You can purchase doggie rain boots, but they can be very difficult to get your pet adjusted to them. The easier answer is to dry off your dog and then spray some odor eliminating coat mist on his coat. It will keep your pet smelling much better in between baths! As always, we would love to give you professional advice specific to your pet. Just bring your pet in to Celebration Veterinary Hospital.

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