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Hamster Health

hamster Hamsters are great pets because they are small, cute and easily cared for. But how much do we know about keeping hamsters healthy? Like rabbits and other small creatures that are low on the food chain their illness can go unnoticed to keep them safe from their predators. Meaning your little pet may be sick for a while and you not notice until it is quite serious and most likely too late to do anything about it.

To keep you hamster healthy you need to provide it with a clean cage and a variety of food that boosts their health. In the wild hamsters eat seeds, roots, fruits and bugs. Each of these foods have the required nutrition in them that ensures good health for your fury friend.

Your hamster needs proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. There are a variety of commercial brands of hamster food, but many of them contain sugars which are not good for your pet. Experts suggest that you feed your hamster a mixture of canary seeds with their commercial food and give them hard boiled eggs as a treat, dog biscuit or cat treat, monkey chow and yeast. Each of these foods have the required nutrients that make hamsters healthy. The hard boiled egg should be removed from the cage within 24 hours to stop your friend from eating a rotten egg.

Some of the foods listed above help hamsters to grind down their teeth, which they would do naturally in the wild by eating certain roots and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are great treats but make sure that you don’t feed to much lettuce to your hamster or that will give him diarrhea. Did you know you can even feed hamsters meat? Little bits of beef or mutton is okay, but never pork because it is too fatty for the little guys.

Never worry that you are over feeding your hamster. They instinctually know what their bodies need and how much to eat. Being a natural food hoarder means that if you keep their bowl full they won’t feel the need to eat more than they should. With these tips you should have a healthy happy hamster.

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  1. Megan says:

    I am glad that you wrote this article. It’s important to properly care for hamsters even though they are small they still need everything that a larger animal would need. I always feed my little dwarf hamsters little bits of beef, they LOVE it!

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