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Allergy Friendly Pets

Allergy Friendly cats

Allergy Friendly Cats


While there is no such thing as an allergy free pet there are animals that are considered to be hypoallergenic or allergy friendly. These animals usually shed less or produce less dander because of the nature of their fur, or the fact that they don’t have any.

One way to reduce allergies to pets with hair is to remove all carpet and replace it with tile or hard wood floors. Carpets cling to pet hair and trap dander which cause allergic reactions because larger pets usually have access to all rooms in the house.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America allergies are cause by super sensitive immune systems that are more averse to harmless proteins in pet hair, urine and saliva. These proteins are what we know as allergens.

The most allergy friendly pets are ones that are in cages or aquariums because their access to the house is limited and the animals tend to be hairless. Goldfish make the best allergy friendly pets because their environment is aquatic and isn’t in constant contact with the allergy sufferer. Lizards are another pet that are allergy friendly because they don’t have hair and tend to be low maintenance.

If you insist on a pet with hair there are hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, chinchillas, and rats which are contained in their own cage and produce next to no allergic reactions. Out of these animals the hamster is the most common house pet. However, should you insist on a larger pet with hair here are a few suggestions.


Standard Poodles and Bischon Frise are considered hypoallergenic because their small curly hair makes it harder for dander to escape. ALso their frequent grooming means they shed less dander in the home.

Portugese Water Dogs are robust and require regular maintenance which again results in less hair and dander in the house.

Kerry Blue Terriors and American Labradoodle shed less than other breeds of dog. The American Labradoodle is different from the Australian Labradoodle because in Australia they breed the dog in order to reduce the quarrantine period of imported dogs.

In order to decrease dander in your home make sure that you keep your dog’s skin hydrated, much like you would with your own scalp to decrease the chances of producing dandruff.


Sphynx Cats are hairless cats that don’t shed which means no dander in carpets or hair on your furniture or clothes.

Devon Rex Cats have a rippling brown skin covered in down fur which is shed less frequently than other breeds and makes it less irritating and more allergy friendly.

However, with cats you have to remember that they are in close contact with their owners and that means you will still be exposed to the proteins that produce allergic reactions because cats groom themselves often by nature. It is the cats’ saliva that is most irritating because of the proteins it contains.

If you have a loved one in the house who suffers from allergies it can be hard to choose a pet, but always talk with your doctor and veterinarian before choosing a pet. Being well informed goes a long way for you and your family.


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