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Dog Tooth Extraction

Teeth cleaning This is a procedure that is only done when there is a specific need for it. Unfortunately you might not even know that your dog is suffering. Sure signs that your dog is having difficulty with its teeth are changes to their eating habits or loss of appetite, unusual night awakenings, rubbing the face against things or facial swelling. If you notice these signs in your dog take him/her right away to your vet. Dogs can start having problems with their teeth as young as four years old.

Not all vets are trained to deal with dental problems, you’ll want to make sure that you get a consultation with your vet about the type of procedure your dog will go through and the after care that you’ll need to provide.

A tooth extraction is not simply just the pulling of a tooth, it can involve infection, abscess, cracked tooth, or periodontal disease. Some of these are simple procedure that can be followed by a short healing period or a longer one depending on the type of complications that arise form the extraction.

In some cases all the teeth must be removed, this is more common than you would think. If your dog need to have its teeth extracted always get the specifics of the procedure, and if your vet isn’t able to extract the teeth or tooth be sure to get a referral to a vet who is capable and has experience.

As long as you know the signs of a dog who is suffering from dental pain you will get help sooner when the problem may not be too severe, if you don’t recognize the signs, then the pooch may not only be in severe pain, but have more complications when the extraction takes place.

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