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Heterodont Teeth

hamster Heterodont teeth are teeth that you typically find in mice, rabbits, and other animals that eat grain as their main source of nourishment. The heterodontal teeth are the four teeth in the front, the two incisors on top and the two incisors on the bottom.

These types of teeth are always growing, which is why these animals are partial to gnawing. In order to stop the teeth from outgrowing the mouth, these animals need to chew and gnaw on wood or toys that are made specially to help them to wear down the incisors.

An animal whose heterodontal teeth are too big for their mouth will have trouble eating, and this can spell health problems and possibly death if it isn’t rectified.

When you are purchasing a pet always talk with the pet store worker or vet about the specific needs of the animal you are purchasing. When you are prepared to look after the animal it will make your life easier knowing what is expected of you as a pet owner and make life more enjoyable for your furry friend.

When buying toys and food from the pet store make sure there isn’t any additives to the food that your pet doesn’t need, these can make them sick and unhealthy. The best things for your pet are found in nature. If you can’t find the food or toys in the outdoors around your house, see if you can find a pet store that carries them.

Helping your little critter wear down his heterodontal teeth should be an easy task, do research on the internet and talk to your vet for advice and your pet will live a long and happy life.

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